Wednesday, 22. July 2009


After Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, now Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.

Short Story: Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs.

Words we love, words we hate.


Joss Whedon gets slashy in Buffy Comic.


Natalie Portman cast in Thor.

David Tennant as Bilbo Baggins? On the one hand: coolcoolcoolcool. On the other hand: isn’t he a tad too thin?

First Pictures of Iron Man 2.

Johnny Depp as Carol Channing? Sounds awesome, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be happening (yet?).

Top 10 Impossibe Spaces (Bigger on the Inside).


THANK GOODNESS! Vatican gives Harry Potter VI the thumbs up. And Oscar Wilde, too.


72-year long study about what makes us happy. [Or at least, what makes white middle/upper class men happy.]


List of Emmy Nominations is out.

Completely Different Things

Hello Kitty Hell.

Post-it Invaders.

John Barrowman in drag. Nice…

Warning Signs of the times.

movies_for_ladies[taken from here]

This is beautiful and awesome.

[via liberrydwarf] Guidelines for Vampires.

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  1. quote: “they loved rich men. Also: handbags”

    • And it’s so true… O_o

  2. unfassbar wieviele emmy kategorien es gibt.
    fuer mich ist klar: flight of the conchords muss und wird gewinnen! und jemaine clement, der traummann schlechthin. hach.

    ansonsten sollte betty white gewinnen, wo betty white nominiert ist, aber auch da, wo betty white nicht nominiert ist, sollte betty white gewinnen. jupp.

    • Die vielen Kategorien sind auf jeden Fall sinnvoller als die 10 Bester Film Nominierungen von den Oscars…

      Betty White is super! Bin voll deiner Meinung.

      Und Flight of the Conchords! Yes, yes!

  3. Smooch

    *falls over laughing*


    • Well, I guess it’s the sound of springing cocks. Or something. ;)

      • Could be.
        Or it could just be the unique sound of vampires with souls getting all hot and bothered on the pages of a comic. That would explain why I’ve never encountered that word before.

        But I like yours better.

        • Well… now everytime I’m going to read the wonderful phrase “his cock sprang out of his trousers”, I’m gonna think “SPROING!” Gosh, sometimes I hate my brain.


          • Anita Blake should be fun, then ^.~

            Angst, sproing, angst, aaaargh, sproingity-sproing, angstANGSTangst, sproing [...] angsty-deus-ex-machina-sproing, end.

          • That might well be the best summary of Anita Blake I have ever read.


  4. @ Grant study/ What makes us happy:

    I haven’t finished it yet, but it is …. fascinating. It really is.
    I just found out that I am a master of the fourth/best kind of adaptions. :P

    I also came to think that Peter Hoeg has read the study before writing I”Perceptions on the 20th century”.

    Thanks for linking to that. I’ll find some way to put it in my thesis.

    • Glad I could inspire. It really is a very interesting study, no doubt about it.

      I think what makes a good author like Peter Hoeg so good is that he intuitively gets what these studies prove – he doesn’t need to have read it, it just confirms his view of the world.

      • … when reading his last book (Das stille M├Ądchen) I just thought he had turned…. odd.

        Vampire virgins in love *g*

        • I haven’t read that one yet, but my sister also said that it was completely inaccessible for her and half of the time she didn’t know what was going on.

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