Wednesday, 26. August 2009


One Word: You get one word and then 60 seconds to write something about it.

How one library handles book challenges.

Follow-Up to A Series of Unfortunate Events? Yes, please!


That one sounds interesting (and has Paul Bettany). [Warning: Horror movie.]


via deadra:

via liberrydwarf:


This is very interesting: Project Implicit tells you about implicit leanings you might or might not have.

Completely Different Things

Whedonverse in Stitches.

Oh, for Fuck’s sake! Do people really need another reason to have somebody stare at their butts in horror?


Buy a Twilight dildo (cold, sparkly) or your own personal stalking Edward. Seriously.

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  1. The library article is pretty disturbing.

    The whole “my own arbitrary moral standards should apply to the entire world”-approach makes me mad as hell.

    • And not only you.

  2. the waffle wedding! – lol :)

    • It’s great, isn’t it?!

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