Wednesday, 17. March 2010


Acrylic on Flesh.


Writing fiction: it’s just one word after another.

After Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, now Night of the Living Trekkies.


Superman in Cartoon History.


Quentin Tarantino Faces Lawsuit over Kill Bill.

Movie funded by asking for pocket change on Twitter.

The Art of the Title Sequence.

So, the third Nolan Batman will be the last.

Agent Smith Is Captain America’s Nemesis, The Red Skull.

Kathryn’s Oscar Comes Too Late.

Ellen Page to Star in Michel Gondry Time-Travel Flick.

Summer Blockbuster Guide.

James Cameron to Raise Titanic Again.


Top Ten Geek Anthems: the Geekiest Songs in the Universe.


On Punk.

The Line, a film by Nancy Schwartzman.

Harvard Gives Disney Critics the Boot.

Reactions to Child Sex Abuse (Trigger Warning).

Completely Different Things

Elmo vs. Ricky Gervais continues:

Boba Fett shows off his artistic side.

(taken from here)

(taken from here)

Coffee Inhaler.

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  1. That Fleggaard vid made me lol.
    I would have loved to be in the room when the ad agency came up with that one ^_^

    • I think it’s completely awesome.
      And you’re right, to be a fly on the wall of that meeting…

      • The Fleggard ad is very nice. ^^

  2. I’ve just finished going over that list of summer blockbusters…

    Is there anything that could make 2010 a more awesome* year for blockbusters? (They didn’t even mention Eagle of the Ninth, or the Paul Bettany Double Feature of Awe-Inspiring Crappitude)
    And how pathetic is it that I, too, Can Not Wait for “The Expendables”?

    (*the scale of awesome here reaching from “like 1,000 hot-dogs!!!” to “Michael Bay”)

    • It’s a _great_ year for blockbusters. And The Expendables is going to be awesome. :)

      Love the scale of awesomeness, btw.

  3. [...] thinking about blockbusters, particularly ones with religious-y plots (because of this, because of kalafudra) and St Patrick’s Day (because there are no Irish Pubs around for me to safely channel my [...]

  4. [...] F – Fleggaard (Blame kalafudra.) [...]

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