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popfest 2013

Sunday, 11. August 2013

popfest is an annual music festival in Vienna where only Austrian bands play and which is entirely free. [Here are my reviews to the last popfests.] This year, unfortunately, I was partly crippled by migraine during the festival weekend, so I only made it to one concert – by Bauchklang.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Bauchklang by now. I’m thinking five or six times? Their shows are always pretty damn awesome, full of energy and danceable music. This time was no exception, though it was too hot to really dance and apparently I’m out of the loop because I barely knew any of their songs anymore (or maybe it was too hot to recognize them?).


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Harvest of Art Festival 2013

Saturday, 27. July 2013

The Harvest of Art was a one-day festival in Wiesen with shows by Kate Nash, Bloc Party and Arctic Monkeys.
[Here's my review of last year's edition of that festival.]

I only attended the short version of the festival (because my sister celebrated her birthday on that day so I only arrived in the middle of Kate Nash’s set), but much as last year it was a wonderful show with even better weather this time round.


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Written on Skin

Friday, 21. June 2013

Written on Skin
Director: Katie Mitchell
Conductor: Kent Nagano
Writer: Martin Crimp (libretto), George Benjamin (music)
Based on: Guillem de Cabestanh‘s Le coeur mangé (The Eaten Heart)
Cast: Audun Iversen, Barbara Hannigan, Iestyn Davies, Victoria Simmonds, Allan Clayton
Part of: Wiener Festwochen

As angels are rummaging on stage and prepare the set, the Protector (Audun Iversen), a wealthy land owner, asks the Boy (Iestyn Davies) into his home to write and illustrate a book about his accomplishments so far and his bright future, all pretty much embodied by his wife Agnès (Barbara Hannigan). The Boy agrees to do so and Agnès jumps at the chance to not only get love and attention as a woman (instead of a trophy) but also to set the record straight with her husband. So she seduces the Boy and influences his work.

I keep on trying with modern operas, but I’m not really getting there. With this one, at least, I really liked everything but the music.


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Maria Bill

Wednesday, 29. May 2013

Maria Bill is an Austrian/Swiss singer. She’s currently touring with a program called “Maria sings Bill“, basically a Best of.

I went to this concert with and for my mom (it was a birthday present from three of my sisters and me – we spent the day with her, went to a pottery class and to the concert) without knowing any of Bill’s songs (not even her biggest hit I mecht landen). And I was rather doubtful that it would be my thing. But I did enjoy myself surprisingly much.


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Ellie Goulding (Support: Charli XCX and Matthew Koma)

Tuesday, 30. April 2013

Ellie Goulding is a British singer-songwriter. She played a show in the Vienna Gasometer, with the support of Charli XCX and Matthew Koma.

Ellie Goulding’s show was short but awesome. Both the supporting bands weren’t my thing. But since I didn’t come for them but EG, all I can say is, whatever. She was great.

matthewkoma Matthew Koma

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Swan Lake Reloaded

Sunday, 31. March 2013

Swan Lake Reloaded is the newest dance show by Fredrik Rydman. [He also did Bounce: Insane in the Brain.] It’s a combination of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky‘s Swan Lake with modern street dance.

Based on the classic Swan Lake, the show give the old tale a new spin: A young prince who has grown tired with his partying lifestyle falls in love with a whore who is being controlled by her pimp through drugs.

Swan Lake Reloaded is a really cool show. The music is awesome, the dancing is pretty great and I thouhgt it was an interesting take on the story.


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Tanzperspektiven (Dance Perspectives)

Tuesday, 26. March 2013

Tanzperspektiven is a current contemporary ballet production at the Vienna Opera where they show four half-hour pieces choreographed by four different people.

A Million Kisses to my Skin (music by Johann Sebastian Bach, choreography by David Dawson)
Dancers: Olga Esina, Vladimir Shishov, Nina Poláková, Denys Cherevychko, Liudmila Konovalova, Davide Dato, Maria Yakovleva, Natalie Kusch, Kiyoka Hashimoto

Eventide (music by Jan Garbarek, Philip Glass, choreography by Helen Pickett)
Dancers: Rafaella Sant’Anna, Ketevan Papava, Nina Poláková, Irina Tsymbal, Robert Gabdullin, Roman Lazik, András Lukács, Eno Peci

Vers un Pays Sage (music by John Adams, choreography by Jean-Christophe Maillot)
Dancers: Olga Esina, Irina Tsymbal, Ketevan Papava, Roman Lazik,Denys Cherevychko, Andrey Kaydanovskiy

Windspiele (music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, choreography by Patrick de Bana)
Dancers: Masayu Kimoto, Erika Kovácová, Rafaella Sant’Anna, Zsolt Török, Attila Bakó, Marian Furnica, Tristan Ridel, Géraud Wielick

I got a free ticket for this show which was pretty cool. (Free tickets usually are, especially if it’s for stuff I actually like, like dancing.) Unfortunately, it was for a seat with limited view and I saw only half the stage (at best). But the half of the show I saw was really amazing.


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Thursday, 24. January 2013

Everlast is a rapper/singer-songwriter who came to Vienna for an acoustic concert.

I think it was in 2001 that I got Everlast tickets for my birthday (or maybe it was Christmas) and saw him live for the first time. And it was a great show. So when I heard that he came to Vienna again, I figured that I really had to see him. Then he played one of Vienna’s biggest concert halls, this time he played a small club and, as I said, an acoustic set. While the atmosphere couldn’t be more different, what stayed the same was how much I enjoyed it.


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Monday, 7. January 2013

Muse are a rock band who recently hit Vienna with their current tour.

Muse are a seasoned live band who know how to play a show and entertain. If that means that the concerts are a little too professional maybe, it doesn’t really hurt that much. They are bombastic and extremely entertaining events.

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Tuesday, 18. December 2012

Mika gave another concert in Vienna, so of course I had to go and see him again. [Here's my review of the other concert.]

I really love Mika’s music. It’s just so wonderfully colorful and fun and it’s the best thing to listen to when you want to feel happier. It’s a quality that translates perfectly to his live shows and I just left this one again, grinning from ear to ear.

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